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ZAMGMC stands For (Zambia Green Maintenance Campaign) which is running a campaign focusing on providing "a solution to our carbon emission and to restore the Zambia's landscape to formal glory.” It’s always great to see any business throwing a lot of their energy into giving something back to the world and the community and this is no exception. The idea behind the campaign is that you have an effect on the restoration of the ecosystem in Zambia. The organization is there to improve the greenness of Zambia.

Seven years ago we founded ZAMGMC a brand name born out of a green history lifestyle. A lifestyle others did not acknowledge. But one that became bigger than their ability to suppress. TODAY WE STAND IN FRONT we are humble and give thanks God and to those who support us in pursuit of a new Zambian green dream.

Our Mission Statement:

To regulate and coordinate environmental management, promote awareness, and ensure environmental protection through enforcement of regulations and the prevention and control of pollution in support of sustainable development-so as to provide for the health and welfare of persons, animals, plants and the environment of Zambia by having people to plant a tree.


The Zambia Green Maintenance Campaign
 (ZAMGMC) is a statutory body created under an Act of Parliament:-the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act of 1990, Cap 204 of the Laws of Zambia. The Council, established in 1992 is mandated to protect the environment and control pollution so as to provide for the health and welfare of persons, and the environment. 

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